It all started in middle school with a Unimat lathe in 1974. After working for the shipyard at Pearl Harbor, IBM, and other odd jobs, Peter Tsukamoto worked for a general contractor for 15 years. All through those years, machines were added to his collection. Part after part, project after project, the demand for more capacity has continued to grow. In 2002, we moved to Pearl City Industrial Park.  We now have a wide variety of machines, most notable are our 12 + CNC mills, lathes and water jet. 

We are constantly asked what typically we do. Here is a short list. Call us for more specific information.

Make in hundreds to thousands, parts for consumer products, projects such as military corrosion studies, prototype medical and food production machinery. etc 

3 prong spear parts, aluminum golf tees, automotive accessories. We have quite a bit of constant production ongoing. 

Reverse engineer broken parts or castings for machines, small and large, old and newer. Produce 3D drawings and make the part from billet (steel, stainless or aluminum etc.). Sometimes we do this not because the part is obsolete but because lead time is excessive. 

Redesign parts or subassemblies of various machinery that do not have adequate life or performance. Making replacements of corrosion prone parts from more advanced materials such as stainless steel and titanium is a typical example

Design and build new production machines, jigs and fixtures for manufacturers of anything from canned soda to ukuleles. Sometimes we are able to make replacements parts at a lower cost than OEM.

Custom stairways and handrails, modifications to light fixtures, locks, door hardware. Custom rolling gate wheels and operators, hinges and latches.

Do design work and or 3D drawings for products to be made elsewhere. 

We are frequently called upon to do military and government projects and sales. 

We do much more than we can list here, please call or email us for further information.